Unique and Weird Wedding Traditions

foodart-bridesmaidsUnique and Weird Wedding Traditions

Every place has their respective cultures. The culture includes a variety of things. One is marriage. Traditions of wording in different places have its own individual unique. Well, here are five of the most bizarre wedding traditions that never existed.  Look for another article at Birthstone colors and months.

1. Defecation is prohibited for the bride

This strange tradition usually done by Tidung community. After the ritual of marriage, the couple had to resist the urge to defecate or urinate. They have to hold it for 72 hours, or about three days and three nights. In order to get done, the couple will be limited to eating and drinking, and monitored so as not to toilet. If successfully undergo this ritual, the couple is believed that will have a happy marriage and awarded with many and healthy children.

2. The fat bride

In Mauritania, a standard of beauty was different from the other. There, a beautiful woman is a woman who has extraordinary size. When a woman would marry, he will be placed in a village called fat storage. The ritual is called ‘Leblouh’. Women who are getting married are required to eat all kinds of food in order to get fat quickly. Daily diet consists of two pounds of meat and five gallons of camel’s milk every day. If vomiting, supervisor officers will advise the bride.

3. Marrying animals

India is a country with a lot of uniqueness. Santhal tribe owns one. Santhal tribe in India believed, when a baby girl is teething at the top of the gums first, it is the sign that the tiger will eat the baby in the near future. To save her, the baby had to marry a dog to remove the bad influence. Once married to a dog, she allowed marrying a man.

4. ‘Blacken’ the bride

At the wedding customs in Scotland, the couple required consuming sheep entrails. After that, the groom, family, and friends will baste the bride with a mixture of liquid raw eggs, dirty water, sauce, and sour milk. The color of that viscous liquid is black that is why called as ‘blacken’ tradition. This tradition is a ritual of marriage that was very old.

5. Kidnapping the bride

Usually after a wedding, the couple will enjoy their first night in a romantic way. But it didn’t happen in Rome. Roman gypsies have a unique tradition that the groom is required to ‘kidnap’ bride. If he manages to kidnap and hide it for two to three days, the bride officially becomes a wife.

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